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Here Comes a Regular

thunderclapper, the belmont

MTM and I wanted to go out for a night cap on Friday evening. We debated options. New, hip place? Artisan cocktails? Packed or manageable? Age appropriate or college-centric?

We ended up at our usual watering hole. The Belmont. Because  in a purge I went through three years’ worth of receipts last night, and at least a third of them were from The Belmont. I even joked: “We’re so regular. They ought to send us thank-you-notes.”

It’s great to show up at a place where the hosts know what you want. Where everyone is a friend. Where you feel comfortable. At home.

While I try to create that atmosphere on my blog, I’d like to know where else you’re a regular. What one blog is like home to you, Dear Reader? Please mention the blog by name in a comment, and include a link to a recent post. Maybe we’ll meet a few people we all need to know today.

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  1. Nope. Won’t say. Maybe after Noon Saturday but certainly not at 3 am.

    January 11, 2014
    • Thanks, Col! I love it when you pull up a stool and share punny funnies!

      January 12, 2014
  2. My feedly has over a thousand posts unread! So, your’s is my only regular stop. Though there are other’s blogs who have as much impact on me personally as yours. I really love the emotional honesty and personal insight Nikki Hardin brings to her blog Fridaville. Perhaps it is because we are not too far apart in age and experience that I find it resonates with me or perhaps because we struggle with similar emotional pasts…but I find her words important.

    January 11, 2014
  3. I have quite a few that I visit on a regular basis. Some of those I even have conversations with outside of the blogs. But in the case for only leaving one for others to explore, check out

    January 11, 2014
  4. There are so many, but my muse Ionia Martin is found at

    January 11, 2014
  5. I never miss the posts at “Hands on Bowie”, a blog that centers around a British Shorthair cat and his owner.

    January 11, 2014
  6. Reading here this morning, I kept expecting a link to a different place, but The Belmont is probably more in keeping with today’s Charleston uptown, and you may be too young to have a connection to this place: 🙂

    As for bloggers, the posts pile up in the inbox here, too, but I particularly love to go to London to visit Kate: and Penny, just outside Chicago: Neither of them is a new mention to you, but possibly one or both may be “new” to someone else who reads and comments here.

    January 11, 2014
  7. I’m a regular at many. This one makes me laugh:
    This one has great thoughts and poetry:

    January 11, 2014
  8. I’d have to say Kathy’s Lake Superior Spirit
    Her environment is familiar, her spirituality is comfortable and her style is warm and welcoming.

    January 11, 2014
  9. I don’t think any place, or any person, has ever labeled me as “regular”. I have worn a lot of other brandings in my life, I just don’t think that is one of them.

    January 11, 2014
  10. I am a regular guy at this blog, obviously, and at I follow and a couple others. I try to keep this stuff in a manageable state because I have a lot to do and the more time I spend at the keyboard chasing stuff around, the less I want to spend. It’s a weird balance and I haven’t really figured it out yet. At several people’s insistence, I have joined Twitter. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m skeptical.

    January 11, 2014
  11. B-but… wouldn’t that be cheating, admitting we go elsewhere for our entertainment? I’m torn! Annnnd I can see MTM loading up a shotgun behind that tree over there, so I’ll quickly toss out that I poke in on from time to time for a chuckle.

    January 11, 2014
  12. We’re like this at our local sushi place…we walk in, the waitress seats us at the same booth by the window, and places our order without asking. It’s great…unless we decide to have something else, but we’re pretty stuck in our ways 🙂

    January 11, 2014
  13. Other folks have mentioned most of my favourites. One of my longest-known online friends and an incredible writer with an infectious sense of humour is Kathy Waller of To Write is To Write is To Write. The wisdom of Solomon and the wit of Dorothy Parker, wrapped up in a confirmed cat lover. She’s here:

    There are a few which broaden my life, though they are by organisations and not specific people: I adore the Mediaeval Manuscripts blog- – and the free leg of the Oxford National Dictionary of Biography, which publishes a separate biography about a British person every day. It’s here:

    All great reading 🙂

    January 11, 2014
  14. oh goodie, some new blogs to try out!! 🙂 I subscribe to YOURS TRULY….:) Angie Mizzell and Michael Carnell’s blogs but that is about it. I plan on check out the other blogs mentioned above. Thank you…

    January 11, 2014
  15. I’m going to try to get these links right (am reading/responding on my phone) – so going from memory. I hit many blogs daily, but the ones that I love are: hacker, ninja, hooker, spy
    I know I’m missing other favourites. I probably should have replied when I got to my laptop. 🙂

    January 11, 2014
  16. Well, there is your blog, and several others already mentioned, but, one not and I can’t seem to work the link (so what else is new?) is Teresa Evangeline, who posts insightful poetry and insights that always leave me thinking:

    January 11, 2014
  17. You are my most regular regular. I have a lot of blogs I visit as often as I can (many already mentioned in the above comments). I haven’t yet found my “regular” place to wine and dine yet (although the barristas at the coffee shop in Barnes and Noble pretty much know me).

    I miss being a regular anywhere.Maybe that’s part of my loneliness in recent years.

    January 12, 2014
  18. If I have to pick one ~> Kate Crimmons. She offers just the right mixture of warmth, wonder, and SNARK:

    And I love the caption contests, darling grandkids, and wonderful word play on Col’s blog.

    January 12, 2014
  19. Hey, Andra, send your regulars to TedBook! Oh wait, that’s my blog… my humbleness has kicked in, so send them to… Hmmm, I would send them to your blog… okay, I know someone who is almost as crazy interesting as you… Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride… she hosts a party every month for her regulars to share their blogs…

    Another friend is Allana Roethle who is writing a book about growing up on the road. I think it is beautiful writing and hope to hold the book in my hand some day… Here blog is Roads on Her Face… here is the link to the start of her story…

    Tell them I sent you…

    January 12, 2014
  20. It’s harder than I thought to name just one! I feel like each person has something to add. I named two of my favorites in my blog post today. You and Kevin, at Nitty Gritty Dirt Man. But there are so many I enjoy. It’s great to be a regular!

    January 12, 2014
  21. tarakianwarrior #

    Axiom gym. They’re not friendly even though they see me every morning at 4:30 a.m. Could it be that it’s because no makeup scares the hell out of some people?

    January 13, 2014
  22. You’re one of my regular haunts of course; another is The Indecisive Eejit, a nice lady from Northern Ireland who likes to talk about life from her perspective (don’t we all?)

    January 16, 2014

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