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An Open Letter to Andra’s Feet

Tori Young and Lisa Kramer are the best. THE BEST!! Can’t wait to meet them tomorrow.

the ramblings

Dear Tired Tootsies,

Surely by now your only thought is “what the bleep is going on?” We’ve been excited to follow Andra’s adventures but little did we consider the carnage hidden beneath Andra’s socks. You are the unsung victims of the Natchez Trace.

Fugly Foot _2

Poor, poor fugly feet! We sympathize with your agony. You were dragged on this journey without being asked. Head, shoulders, knees and toes though . . . you had to know you wouldn’t get a say. You don’t even have a mouth.

We’re a little conflicted. On one foot, we are good friends and readers of Andra. On the other, we can’t help but be concerned your master is a monster. She gives you a lovely pedicure and then abuses you. She makes you walk 444 miles, with almost no rest, except for random days where she lies in a voluptuous bed while your blisters throb like…

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  1. Heh. Well, fans are cool (sometimes) aren’t they?. I say your feet will forgive you if you follow Dean-o’s advice at some point:

    March 29, 2014
  2. This was great, Andra! I thanked Lisa for covering up the…blisters so I wouldn’t lose my appetite. hee,hee

    March 29, 2014
  3. Enjoy the company tomorrow, Andra. I hope they can keep up with you!

    March 29, 2014
  4. That was great! And I saw the video which shows everything! 🙂

    March 30, 2014

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