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Here’s To Your Thanksgiving!

MTM and meThank you. For your various e-mails, calls, cards and texts. Because I can’t keep up with where I’ve said what, please accept this post as a comprehensive update on MTM’s surgery.

MTM came through the procedure well and is recuperating at home. The fracture was more complex than the surgeon anticipated. He’ll be in a sling at least two more weeks. I’m not sure what will happen afterward. He’s a great patient. Always positive. He doesn’t complain.

We’re both grateful things aren’t worse.


Several people have asked about the status of our Thanksgiving trip. We are set to leave Wednesday morning. As long as MTM doesn’t move his shoulder, he can be anywhere. We’re both grateful for this respite from Life.


not without my father bookFor those of you reading advance copies of Not Without My Father, thank you for giving your time, eyes and gray matter to this effort. Because of everything that’s happened, I’m in the Pit of Despair with this project, with so many things to do and not enough years of days to check them off my list.

Reading your advance reviews has been a gift to me, and I appreciate those of you who have done them more than I can say. Whenever I want to quit (and I want to quit every five minutes right now), I let something you wrote talk me out of it.

If you haven’t yet posted your advance review, you can follow this link to Goodreads:

Several national media outlets and large book review sites have requested copies for possible review. Your willingness to help get this advance copy established may tip one or two toward selecting it. Really. Thank you. So, so much.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I hope you Make a Memory to hold close to your heart, to buoy you when you miss someone, to remember people who matter.

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  1. and i am thankful for having gotten to know you through your words and stories. best to both of you ) beth

    November 26, 2014
  2. Safe travels. Happy Thanksgiving!! Good thoughts for MTM’s recovery continue. Hugs!

    November 26, 2014
  3. Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe and happy trip!

    November 26, 2014
  4. I’m hoping recovery goes as expected. I’m thankful every day for the friends I have made through blogging. I’m also thankful for books.

    November 26, 2014
  5. Gobble, gobble, gobble!! Hope you two have a great time.

    November 26, 2014
  6. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    November 26, 2014
  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Great news about MTM! My review is up!

    November 26, 2014
  8. PS: A conversation with my daughter. She had to do a social studies report, and I wanted to draw her into actually writing what she knew, not the-fewest-number-of-sentences-possible.I led her down the garden path of U.S. history, trying not to insert my own knowledge over her own.


    She somehow never got it that there was a difference between Spanish, French, and American colonists. They all kind of lumped together under Christopher-Columbus-and-The-Pilgrims. I have already accidentally indoctrinated him in the “Columbus Lied Like Hell / I believe his head wasn’t well” school of thought, and I had to peel him several hundred years apart from the pilgrims and explain some other really basic concepts.. We got that straight. She got the Revolution generally right. But then she skipped straight to the Civil War.

    They haven’t taught her (and I love this school, but it’s social studies/history curriculum sucks) about the War of 1812. Or the Louisiana Purchase. Or about a thousand other important things.

    Finally, running down this list of “what about this?” points, I asked “What about Lewis and Clark? I KNOW you’ve heard of them.”

    “Yeah! Lewis was raised by his stepdad and liked to go hunting and stuff, Mom. But we have to write BEFORE the Civil War. And they were AFTER. They were in that book your friend wrote. Remember?”

    …..and that’s when I realized she’s swiped my copy and read it. I thought I’d lost it. I retrieved it from under her bed.

    November 26, 2014
  9. I just finished my advance reader copy of Not Without My Father Last Night. I loved it. Loved your insights and your revelations. And your ability to write/talk like Roy.

    November 26, 2014
  10. Safe and happy travels. Review coming this weekend.

    November 26, 2014
  11. Part of what I’m thankful for is you and how you’ve shared your life, your marriage, and your writing with this virtual crowd of humans scattered across the planet. It inspires me to be honest in my writing and to let others in when I’d usually close them out. Thank you.

    November 26, 2014
  12. tarakianwarrior #

    Happy Thanksgiving. Andra, I know I’ve asked this before and I apologize if you’ve answered and I didn’t realize it, how do I post a review on Amazon? I’m having difficulty pulling the book up on Amazon since it hasn’t been released so they will not let me make review it. Any suggestions? Or, perhaps I should just bide my time? I hope wherever you guys are you will have a peaceful and enjoyable time.

    November 26, 2014
  13. I hope you both have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    November 26, 2014
  14. Viva Mexico! Safe travels to you both. And tequila may be a perfect pain-numbing agent for you both. 🙂

    November 26, 2014
  15. Sending love, enjoy your time together – that’s all that matters x

    November 26, 2014
  16. Glad MTM is well enough to travel. I’m not a doctor but believe margarita(s) and sun work wonders.

    November 26, 2014
  17. aqilaqamar #

    I was hoping to read an update on the surgery glad to see he’s all good God Bless 🙂

    November 29, 2014

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